Pr Véronique BILLAT, nominee for the EllesdeFrance Trophies

It is with great pleasure that we learn of the nomination of Pr Véronique BILLAT to the Trophées ellesdeFrance.

Prevention, positive health, autonomy, smart activity / sport (she has notably trained the centenary cyclist Robert Marchand) are the key words of her life as a French citizen who travels the world to transmit this art of training, the “made in France” haute couture. Her method is based on “self pace”, regulating effort by one’s own sensation, thus contributing to a better knowledge of oneself in order to give better to others.

About the ellesdeFrance Trophies

Trophees ellesdeFrance - Veronique Billat

The ellesdeFrance trophies reward women for their entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, action for others or courage in 4 categories corresponding to the 4 prizes:

  • Innovation: This prize is intended to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of women from the Ile-de-France region who take the risk of getting started, advancing research and adapting to changes in society.
  • Creation: It aims to encourage female artists to make the Île-de-France a “Land of Culture”.
  • Solidarity: The purpose of the prize is to promote women’s initiatives in favor of social cohesion, success and respect for others.
  • Courage and Surpassing: It is intended to recognize the strength and courage of Franciliennes who have braved obstacles to live, overcome and make themselves known.

The announcement of the winners of the 3rd edition will take place on Monday, March 8, 2021, from 4:30 pm,in live video on the website of the Île-de-France Region.

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