Age Impulse's participation in the "Concept Crash" – February 4, 2021

February 4, 2021 – Age Impulse has had the opportunity to participate in the Thursday Concept Crash organized by Silver Valley, an innovation ecosystem that brings together all the players in the Silver Economy sector and promotes the development of new solutions for the benefit of seniors.

Crash concept

This has allowed us to receive feedback on the relevance of our solution and its functionality, to strengthen our knowledge and understanding of the needs of potential users, to identify unmet difficulties and expectations, and to improve the efficiency and dynamics of our discourse as well as our communication medium.

About Concept Crash

Concept Crash - Silver Valley

The crash concept is a time of pitch and exchange with representatives of potential users of the product or service of companies/start-ups to as sure as to its interest, to challenge its profits, enrich its features and of course improve the presentation discourse. Sessions are held by Silver Valley one Thursday a month.

About Silver Valley

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Created in 2013, Silver Valley is a cluster that unites the players of the Silver Economy, and supports innovative companies in their development. He is both an expert in the field of the elderly population, in the field of innovation and support of startups and responds to the needs and uses of seniors and their entourage. Its objective is to accelerate the development and marketing of innovative solutions to promote better-ageing and generate growth and employment.

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