A personalized fitness boost at any point in life

app à télécharger rester en bonne santé

Moments of weakness, periods of low energy, tough life periods

At key moments in life, the mobile application gives you a scientific picture of your physical health and provides exercises integrated into a daily routine (30 minutes of walking or running, 3 times a week).

Our “secret sauce”? Personalized exercises based on the each person’s own perception of effort + effective alternating of exercise pace + an assessment of physiological age.

We also offer the possibility of a human touch with the advice from professional coaches.

The application offers a unique combination of functionalities and has won several awards.

Innovative and award-winning technology

Using the app without the sensor

Accurate self-assessment of fitness and physiological age
Simple and fast, after only 14 minutes of walking or running.
Based on a powerful scientific metric, VO2max, measured by the application and correlated to life expectancy (physiological age). It aggregates cardiovascular, respiratory and muscle data, resulting in a more relevant assessment than the number of steps, calories consumed, heart rate, etc.

Improved fitness
Generation of varied, personalized, and scalable exercises.
Easily integrated into daily life; only 3 x 30 min. per week, walking or running, wherever and whenever you want.
These sessions alternate between levels of light, moderate and sustained effort, based on your own feeling of effort, rather than on absolute performance. This avoids the feeling of failure and enables you to improve safely and with pleasure.

Reward for efforts and loyalty program
The user earns credits by following the method improving their physical fitness. As an example, the credits can be used as part of a loyalty program.

Personalized remote monitoring
The solution can incorporate advice by specialized coaches, who create additional motivation by encouraging users, reassuring them and helping them establish new habits.

Using the app with the sensor

Gamified walk rehabilitation
Guides the work of professionals, motivates users in a enjoyable and objective way.

Personalized continuous improvement

Use case: application (without sensor) for health insurers

The Age Impulse application enables health insurers to strengthen their offering and differentiate by offering users an innovative and high value service.

Customers in better shape

  • Encouraging physical activity
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability of measurements on par with scientific equipment

Benefits for health insurers

A method that can go a long way

In our collective unconscious, we believe that it is very difficult to significantly increase physical abilities that decline with age, even if we exercise regularly.

Veronique Billat, Professor of Physiology at the University of Évry in France, demonstrated that if older people exercised using a specific method, they could improve their fitness levels (VO2 max) and “reverse the aging curve”.

Robert Marchand

Many of us have heard of Robert Marchand, French amateur cyclist, world record holder at age 105, coached by Professor Véronique Billat. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and featured in the New York Times, he was in even better shape than most fifty-year-olds.

A 10% increase in VO2max can reduce mortality risk by 15% and provide 10 additional years of good quality life.