Fall risk assessment for vulnerable people and seniors

Gaitwin®: the digital twin for gait analysis and fall risk assessment

Gaitwin® is an innovative, patented, award-winning solution that assesses the risk of falling in a reliable and simple manner, without the need for qualified personnel, in just 15 seconds. It creates a digital twin of a person’s gait (walking pattern), a “Gait Twin”, from data collected by a sensor worn on a belt. The sensor is connected to a mobile application, powered by AI and hosted in a secure, sovereign cloud.

The solution is the result of cutting-edge research, based in particular on a prospective longitudinal study carried out for more than 2 years, and on scientific publications.

Gaitwin identifies faulty gait markers and assesses fall risk. Based on results, the tested person may be encouraged to join a care pathway to reduce individual fall risk which can stem from different issues: inner ear, eyesight, nutrition, medications, etc.

The solution guides the work of care staff and makes rehabilitation enjoyable, thereby reducing the risk of falls, strengthening autonomy and making progress objective.

A miniature sensor collects gait data and feeds a mobile application that assesses the fall risk and identifies faulty gait markers.

Simple assessment of fall risk
Rapid and on-demand assessment of the risk of falling (15 seconds of walking), without the need for expert personnel.

Reliable measurements
Powerful walk metrics and markers.

Gamified walking rehabilitation
Guides the work of health care professionals, motivates users in a enjoyable and objective way.

Data protection
Management of information and personal data in a secure cloud, certified HDS (Health Data Hosting).

2-minute video: assessing the fall risk among seniors

Benefits of the solution

  • Evaluation of fall risk in 15 sec.
  • Simple and light equipment (app + wearable)
  • No need for expert personnel
  • Laboratory quality results
  • Enjoyable and personalized walk rehabilitation and fitness improvement

Use case: retirement homes

  • Reduced turnover costs
  • Easier upsell of remote assistance
  • Significant financial ROI
  • Encourages people to join a care pathway
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Peace of mind for loved ones

Falls in the U.S.

The importance fall prevention

Falls among elderly people create enormous societal challenges:

  • Every 11 seconds, an elderly person is treated in an emergency room following a fall
  • Every 19 minutes, a senior dies from a fall-related injury

These falls not only threaten the health and independence of seniors, but also create a huge financial pressure on health systems, amplified by the arrival of a large generation of old baby boomers.

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Assessing and preventing the risk of falling