• Personalized fitness program at any age
  • Fall prevention for vulnerable people and seniors
arrêter vieillissement application

Personalized exercise program and improvement of physiological age

The example of cycling champion Robert Marchand perfectly illustrates the results of a method made accessible to all thanks to our mobile application: at 105 years old, he was in better shape than most 55 year olds.

Scientific study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and featured in the New York Times.

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Fall prevention

Our patented miniature sensor connected to the mobile application enables a rapid and reliable self-assessment of the risk of falls in vulnerable or elderly people.

It motivates users to improve their level of fitness in a enjoyable and objective way, to preserve their quality of life and their self-reliance. It also helps guide the work by professionals.

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Age Impulse markets its solutions to partners such as health insurance companies, retirement homes, remote care organizations, and functional rehabilitation centers.