• Fall risk assessment for vulnerable people and seniors
  • Personalized fitness program at any age

Gaitwin®: fall risk assessment and reduction

The Gaitwin solution consists of a miniature sensor connected to a mobile application, for rapid and reliable assessment of the fall risk in vulnerable or elderly people.

If necessary, the application encourages users to join a treatment course to preserve their quality of life and their independence. The results of the evaluation also help guide the work of health professionals, and motivate users to improve in a fun and objective way.

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arrêter vieillissement application

Personalized exercise program and improvement of physiological age

The example of Robert Marchand perfectly illustrates the results of a method made accessible to all thanks to our mobile application: he improved his fitness between the ages of 100 and 105. At 105, he was in better shape than most fifty-year-olds.

Scientific study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and featured in the New York Times.

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