Physical activity, the key to ageing well?

With age, we gain experience, maturity and perspective…. Societal Progress lies in the preservation of intelligences that are at their peak even well beyond 60 years of age.

We want to age well and remain independent for a long time. However, Healthy life expectancy has decreased to 69 years, while life expectancy remains at 83 years.

How to better live the years we have gained?

In its global strategy, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends physical activity for the elderly.

Physical activity includes leisure, travel (e.g. walking or cycling), work, household tasks, play activities, sports or planned exercise, in the daily, family or community context.

Aging well

In order to improve their cardio-respiratory endurance, muscle, joint and bone condition, and reduce the risk of disease, depression and impaired cognitive function, older adults should practice at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity endurance activity or at least 75 minutes of sustained endurance activity or an equivalent combination of moderate-intensity and sustained activity during the week.

Endurance activity should be performed in periods of at least 10 minutes.

To gain additional health benefits, older adults should increase the duration of their moderate-intensity endurance activity to achieve sessions of at least 30 minutes, 300 minutes per week, or 150 minutes per week of sustained endurance activity, or an equivalent combination of moderate and sustained intensity activity.

Older adults with reduced mobility should engage in physical activity to improve balance and prevent falls at least three days a week.

Muscle-strengthening exercises involving the main muscle groups should be performed at least two days a week.

Energetic senior man doing cardio routine in wild nature.

When older adults are unable to engage in the recommended amount of physical activity because of their health, they should be as physically active as their abilities and condition allow. 

Physical activity is good for morale

Physical activity is a great way to relieve tension and anxiety. They also increase positive emotions and self-esteem. This may be the best anti-depressant ever!

Physical activity is good for social ties

Physical activities, especially sports, can be practiced with a group of friends, and why not as part of a club or association. Beyond physical activity itself, they allow you to get out of your home and “see the world.”

For seniors who live alone, it’s a great way to get out of isolation and meet new people. This is also true for couples so as not to always stay “one on top of the other”, as can sometimes happen in retirement, when one no longer has any professional activity.

The physical activities proposed by Age Impulse

Age Impulse offers an activity 3 times 30 minutes per week to free up time for possible group activities. Your buddies are going to be the benchmark for your progress. 

Age Impulse allows you to take the first step, regain your confidence or get out of a possible sedentary lifestyle.

The activities on offer are personalized, adapted to the physical condition of each and far from the metrics gadgets. They are based on 200 international publications, 30 years of work by Professor Billat and 20 years of work before, since the 1950s scientists have been interested in the ergonomics of the human being during effort. 

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