Age Impulse takes up the challenge of making the disruptive laboratory solution for improved and autonomous aging accessible to the largest number of users!

Age Impulse takes up the challenge of making Pr Billat's laboratory method accessible to as many people as possible!

The challenge, met by Age Impulse, is to make Pr. Billat’s method accessible to as many people as possible through a mobile health solution (Mobile Application – AI).

Two scientific studies and multiple field tests were conducted over many months for the development of the algorithms.

During the field study, two hours were required in the laboratory to equip each person and prepare them for a characterization test of their shape. The test then lasted about thirty minutes. Reference scientific equipment is used that cost 40K and requires competent human resources and time to calibrate them, properly equip the user and exploit the results:

Age Impulse takes up the challenge of making Professor Billat's laboratory method accessible to as many people as possible!-2
  • The K5 from Cosmed© consists of a mask connected to an electronic box that can be worn like a backpack. This box is a portable gas exchange analyzer. This is the 4th generation of the most popular portable system, a breakthrough in the field of exercise physiology and human performance evaluation. The K5 reaps the benefits of more than 25 years of experience with metabolic systems.
  • A chest belt, heart rate monitor that also provides walking and running metrics.
  • A sensor integrating an inertial platform, STRYD © which is worn on the shoes, it allows to evaluate the ground support power of each step.
  • A GPS watch, activity tracker.

How did the test go at Age Impulse?

Participants were asked to walk or run, depending on their abilities, for 14 minutes. The instruction was based on the perceived difficulty of their effort.

Make 5 minutes with an Easy perceived difficulty, follow with 5 minutes at a Medium effort feeling and finish 4 minutes with an Intense perceived difficulty.  

The results

The results led to the development of equations for fitness characterization and a personalized workout recommendation engine, integrated into daily life, based on the perceived effort, that can be implemented in the Age Impulse mobile health solution.

Equations were formulated through 30 years of experience, with a database acquired from reference analyzers, validated internationally in scientific publications, and field tests. If you are keen on human contact, this solution will allow you to receive advice from highly qualified coaches.

Some testimonials

“I discovered a very interesting senses-based approach. It’s a fun test that lasts a few minutes and doesn’t push you to overdo it but only to listen to yourself and enjoy it !”

“Just launch the application and press GO! I appreciate how easy it is to use and to be simply guided for personalized and evolving walking or running exercises, easily integrated in my daily life”

“Laboratory equipment, although apparently optimized for outdoor mobility, is quite cumbersome. I can’t wait to get Age Impulse’s mobile solution.”

Age Impulse takes up the challenge of making Pr Billat's laboratory method accessible to as many people as possible!

“Devoting 2 hours to equipping and almost 3 hours in total for a test, not to mention travel time and costs do not reasonably track my fitness and progress.”

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