Alignment of planets

Alignment of planets

The Montaigne Institute,has published an online a report on aging well, including a benchmark with other countries.

Age Impulse’s approach is aligned with their recommendations. It is about improving life expectancy in good health, the need to have precise indicators of life expectancy without disabilities (Age Impulse VO2max metric, a widely accepted scientific indicator of autonomous ageing, a powerful aggregate indicator or your cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular condition). It is also about the contribution of seniors to the economic dynamism of France, about as well a multidimensional approach based in particular on prevention, the introduction of a golden rule allocating 1 euro of expenditure in favor of the prevention of the loss of autonomy for 10 euros of curative expenses (in other advanced countries it is 1 € for 3 €), the support to the Silver economy by investing in innovations and R&D for the good ageing and of the importance to rely on digital tools.


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