Thanks to the Age Impulse App:

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Benefits from 30 years of scientific and field experience
State-of-the-art solution, made accessible to as many people as possible

Take advantage of a coach's advice
Activating the reward circuit and stimulating you or relying on the strength of habit and reassuring you

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Improve your fitness (VO2max)
VO2max is the recognized scientific indicator of physical fitness and active life expectancy. It represents the synthesis of your cardiovascular, respiratory and locomotor fitness state
Listen to your sensations and have fun
Easily integrate personalized and evolving assessments and training into your daily life. Let yourself be guided by your perception of the effort to progress safely

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The Age Impulse Application, driven by an AI, is Preventive, Personalized, Participatory, Protecting your privacy.

It allows you to safely regain control of your health and shape, and to regain your sensations.

Although individual, the application gives you confidence to participate, if you wish, in collective sessions. It also allows coaches to objectively build homogeneous groups, based on the metrics of the balance sheets.

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Many of us have heard of Robert Marchand,French amateur cyclist, world record holder at 105 years old, coached by Pr Véronique Billat. According to a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, taken up in the New York Time, it is even in better shape as it ages, than most five-year-olds.

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In our collective unconscious, it is recognized that it is very difficult to significantly increase one's physical capacity, which begins to decrease after about 50 years, even though we frequently exercise.

Pr. Billat demonstrated that if the elderly exercised intelligently, they could increase their fitness(VO2 max)and "reverse the curve of aging".

Mar Batard Everest

Marc Batard,world record holder of the ascent of Everest in less than 24 hours, without oxygen has launched a great challenge 2022, coached by the Billatraining team – founded by Pr Billat: climbing the roof of the world for his 70th birthday.

Véronique Billat,University Professor, exceptional class, in exercise and training physiology. 30 years of research in improved and autonomous aging, has rewritten scientific expectations regarding the aging of our body and what is possible for all of us, regardless of our age, with a philosophy based on pleasure, performance and listening to oneself.

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A 10% increase in VO2max can reduce the risk of mortality by 15% and give an additional 10 years of good quality life.

The new age represents a major societal challenge. Gabriel Dib,entrepreneur, experienced in the transfer of innovation to industrialization and commercialization, decided to take up this challenge by creating Age Impulse.

Age Impulse makes the laboratory solution accessible to as many people as possible. This accessibility is accentuated by the integration of exercises into daily activity and available time and by the cost of the subscription. Age Impulse recommends personalized and scalable exercises based on the characterization of the state of fitness, also based on personal choices and tastes. This personalization is reinforced by the adaptation of his exercises to his perception of effort, favoring listening to oneself, avoiding the risk of accident or feeling of failure, as well as by the intervention of a coach. Age Impulse allows quadras, young and old seniors to develop and maintain an optimal quality of life and autonomy.