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Age Impulse takes up the challenge of bringing Pr Billat’s laboratory method to the largest number of users and develops a mobile digital health solution (Mobile Application – Artificial Intelligence).

The application provides a precise characterization of your fitness level, and offers personalized, varied and evolving exercises that are integrated into your daily life and can fit a busy schedule, with three 30-min weekly sessions. They are based on your effort perception and includes relevant advice from highly qualified –  human! – coaches.

Two scientific studies and multiple field tests were conducted over many months to develop the algorithms for the digital mobile solution.

During these laboratory tests and field studies, two hours are necessary to equip each person and prepare them for an assessment that allows the characterization of their form. The assessment then lasts about 30 minutes. Expensive scientific reference equipment are used, which requires competent human resources and time to calibrate the sensors, properly equip the user and exploit the results.

With Age Impulse, all you have to do is download the App onto your smartphone, fill in a few information to help us get to know you and you’re ready to assess your fitness level!

The assessment takes 14 minutes: You choose whether you prefer walking or running, and then follow your own perception of effort. You will be guided by audio messages and/or written messages displayed on the screen. Following this assessment, the app will assess your physical fitness through 4 synthetic metrics, with explanations.

The effort perception is used as a training instruction, which places the brain at the center of the regulation of the exercise. The benefit is to be able to anticipate and adapt instantly and permanently in order to accomplish the effort requested, without breaking the physiological balance of your body. Moreover, recent studies (*) (**) have shown that the physiological responses associated with an effort perception instruction are replicable. The user is thus able to associate an effort perception instruction to adapted cardio-respiratory resources in a way that does not lead to constraint, allowing them to adapt the training even better (already personalized) to their physical condition.

VO2max is a widely accepted scientific indicator of fitness and autonomous ageing that you can now measure as simply as heart rate. It is the most accurate and powerful aggregate indicator which allows better and simpler tracking of fitness and progress. You will not need to juggle between different indicators such as the total steps per day, average heart rate, or hours of sleep anymore! 

Following this assessment, we suggest that you make a free telephone appointment with one of our highly qualified coaches, (Teachers in Adaptive Physical Activity).

They will review your profile, explain your results, and give you recommendations in health, physical activities, or sports. They will highlight your strengths, and areas for improvement, help you set ambitious but achievable goals and outline the steps to reach them, as well as the tangible difference it will bring to your life!

You can then subscribe, with or without a 12-month commitment, and choose a formula with a monthly debriefing of the coach included or à la carte.

The Age Impulse Application, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is Preventive, Personalized, Participative, and it Protects your privacy, guiding you through the Path of fitness, with a step further towards Prediction.

Although it is an individual practice, the app gives you the confidence to participate, if you wish, in group sessions organized by partner organizations. It also allows coaches to form homogeneous groups, based on fitness levels assessed by the app.

For 30 years, Prof. Véronique Billat has been developing scientific and field models, in life and training situations, methods for determining and improving VO2max, for athletes, young or elderly people. Age Impulse allows you to benefit from this experience in your daily life and to build up a reserve of energy power, guaranteeing endurance and comfort for your sportive and/or domestic activities.

 (*) : Dr Molinari Claire Influence des variables de contrôle sur l’émergence des paradigmes physiologiques de la performance en course à pied. 2019. (accessed 25 Feb 2021). 

(**) : Dr Molinari Claire, Palacin F, Poinsard L, et al. Determination of Submaximal and Maximal Training Zones From a 3-Stage, Variable-Duration, Perceptually Regulated Track Test. Int J Sports Physiol Perform 2020;:1–9. doi:10.1123/ijspp.2019-0423